Filter Out Lead In Water – Affordable Option For Irish Homes

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The tap filter article in the Irish Times by Denise O’Conner shows how a simple relatively low cost system can improve drinking water quality and solves the lead in water problem affecting many Irish homes. According to Denise, the trouble with tap water is that you don’t know what you are drinking. Chlorine at least has a smell but there are a whole host of other substances, such as lead in water as well as pesticides and herbicides, not meant for human consumption that are not easily detected. There are many types of water contaminants including dirt, metals, chemicals, bacteria and more. Specially designed metal removal filters are available on the market that can reduce or remove lead, iron and other metals from drinking water. An under-the-sink water filter will fit under the countertop and filter tap water of lead and other impurities on demand…Read More (PDF)

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