Offering your employees great tasting, pure and cooled water is not just a perk any more. Our range of modern and contemporary designed canteen and office water cooler systems will fit into any workplace setting and provide on-demand healthy water at any time.

  • WCPC1100
  • Floor standing; plumbed, ambient and cold
  • WCPH1100
  • Floor standing; plumbed, hot and cold
  • WCPTC1100
  • Table top; plumbed, ambient and cold
  • WCPTH1100
  • Table top; plumbed, hot and cold

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Water Coolers

Features of our Commercial Water Coolers:

  1. The cabinet is a modern-designed embossed steel with baked on acrylic enamel finish
  2. A newly designed lift-out drip tray; which can be connected to the mains drainage. Removable anti-splash grid
  3. Our push type water taps are constructed of highly durable ABS. Easy to remove and clean
  4. The quiet, air-cooled static-type condenser refrigeration system requires no fan
  5. The stainless steel three litre cold water tank is thermostatically controlled to 4 Degrees Celsius – 12 Degrees Celsius
  6. The stainless steel two litre hot water tank is thermostatically controlled to 87 Degrees Celsius – 92 Degrees Celsius
  7. It is designed to prevent total drainage for protection of the heating element
  8. Light and durable; the floor standing unit weighs 18kg, while the table top unit weighs 15kg
  9. Floor standing unit dimensions: height: 1015mm, width: 340mm, depth: 335mm
  10. Table top unit dimensions: height: 550mm, width: 340mm, depth: 335mm


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