Solving water problems is easy with Perfect Water Systems Ltd. When your home and family are hydrated by a filter system or water softener from PWS, water problems become a thing of the past. Everything touched by water in your home will look, smell and taste its best. Fixtures, taps and appliances stay bright, clean and stain free and last longer. Your clothes and towels will feel soft and fluffy and your water is once again clean, clear and enjoyable—be it for a nice cuppa, refreshing drink or in a sudsy luxurious bath.

Why Filter Your Water

Pure Water of Life

Pure water in your home is the heart of a great life. It helps you and your family stay strong and healthy. It helps make what you eat and drink taste its best. Plus it helps your skin stay smooth and your hair feel silky, and even helps manage weight issues.

Shower and Bath

With a filtration system from Perfect Water Systems Ltd., bubble baths are a sudsy pleasure and soap rinses completely off your skin, helping keep it soft and smooth. Shampoos lather fully and rinse away cleanly, leaving your hair silky smooth instead of dry and brittle. As a bonus, you’ll also notice how much less soap and detergent is used—because your water is so much better.

Taps and Kettles

Your kettles, appliances and taps will look better and last longer. You won’t need to scrub away soap scum—because it won’t form in the first place. And since detergents will rinse away completely, your clothes will feel softer and last longer too.

Common Water Problems

Coliform Bacteria: The coliform group of bacteria originates from human and animal wastes.. Download
Hydrogen Sulphide: This gas is caused by various strains of iron bacteria that live in iron piping.. Download
Iron and Manganese: Can cause the water to become brown and undrinkable.. Download
Nitrates: Nitrate contamination in private water wells can cause serious health problems.. Download
pH Imbalance: A pH imbalance can result in blue stains on baths and sinks.. Download
Taste and Odour: Most odours are the result of decaying organic material in the water supply.. Download
Water Hardness: Hard water causes scale in boilers, kettles, washing machines and more.. Download

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