A pH imbalance in your water supply can result in unsightly blue stains on baths and sinks and in extreme cases can cause corrosion to cylinders, pipes appliance and fittings.

pH ImbalanceIf you suffer from a pH imbalance you will be aware of the problems caused by acidic water in your household. Ideally, the water you use on an everyday basis should have a pH of 7 but if it is lower than that your water supply is more acidic than it should be and you will suffer the problems associated with acidic water.

You may notice blue stains in baths, sinks and on shower trays or tiles. If this is the case your household is suffering from acid water and you are exposing yourself to great potential expense from corroded radiators, copper cylinders, pipes and fittings as well as the wear on tiles, sinks and baths that is in contact with low pH or acidic water.

The installation of a pH neutraliser will provide pH neutral water and allow you to balance the ph in your water and render it harmless to your home. The neutraliser splits your water supply and treats some of the supply which is then mixed with the untreated supply to raise the ph level to 7 which renders it non-corrosive. The ph level can easily be monitored and changed if necessary by adjusting the amounts of treated and untreated water that are mixed before reaching your household supply thus ensuring a supply of perfect water for you and your family.


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