As each household has usually a different water problem, the first step to solving a water problem is to arrange an appointment with a Perfect Water Systems representative who will visit your home, discover the problems and suggest the best solution. However, here are some typical water problems common to many Irish homes with more information and possible solutions.

Hard Water/Limescale: Hard water causes scale in boilers, kettles, washing machines and more.. Information Solution Product
Bacteria (UV Control): The coliform group of bacteria originates from human and animal wastes.. Information Solution Product
Iron and Manganese: Can cause the water to become brown and undrinkable.. Information Solution Product
Hydrogen Sulphide: This gas is caused by various strains of iron bacteria that live in iron piping.. Information Solution Product
pH Imbalance: A pH imbalance can result in blue stains on baths and sinks.. Information Solution Product
Taste and Odour: Most odours are the result of decaying organic material in the water supply.. Information Solution Product
Nitrates: Nitrate contamination in private water wells can cause serious health problems.. Information Solution Product

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