Kinetico 11611 Aquascale Drinking Water Filter

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The Kinetico Aquascale drinking water filter keeps your kettle in pristine condition, with it’s limescale reducing filter.

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The Kinetico 11611 AquaScale Drinking Water Filter is an undersink filter system and is great for reducing limescale and minimise the scale build-up in your kettle, iron and food steamer and keeps them in pristine condition for longer. This filter system is suitable for DIY installation.


  • Delicious tasting water: Produces clear water ideal for preparing food; perfect for cooking pasta, washing and preparing fruits and vegetables.
  • High quality filter: High quality hardness reducing resin with pre and post filtration to reduce hardness, chlorine and other contaminates.
  • Simple and easy to install: Fits easily and neatly under the kitchen sink.
  • Efficient and economical to run: Does not require electricity.
  • Easy to change filter cartridges: Unique “twist and lock” system makes changing filters quick and easy.
  • 12 month warranty: On parts excluding filter cartridge and labour.

1 review for Kinetico 11611 Aquascale Drinking Water Filter

  1. Frank O’Donoghue

    Perfect Water Systems installed both a water softener and iron filter for us after we drilled our own well. Their service has been excellent since day one and we continue to use them for our annual services.

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