Perfect Water Systems – Over twenty-five years in business

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Perfect Water Systems started with a simple mission – provide reliable water treatment systems to homes around Ireland. Twenty-five years on, we have over 6,000 customers in the Republic of Ireland, and we are still going strong. We have kept up to date with the newest water filtration systems so that our customers can have the best possible water filtration solutions available.


Colm Dawson established Perfect Water Systems in 1995. We operate out of Charleville, County Cork, Ireland. Through our attention to detail and quality home installations, we have gained a reputation for our high-quality work and professional after-care service. We deliver complete water treatment service to our residential and commercial customers. We supply and install water softeners and home water purification systems. We specialise in the supply, installation and servicing of our water treatment systems and the water treatment systems of other companies.


How has water treatment changed over the past twenty-five years?

A lot has changed, and nothing has changed over the past twenty-five years. Our customers still want efficient drinking water systems to provide them with pure, safe drinking water. However, the filtration systems themselves have evolved so that they are more efficient and more effective than they used to be. Take the well-known water softener, for example. A water softener system has small beads that attract calcium ions, which remove the hardness from your water, leaving it soft. The original water softener that we installed was excellent at the time, but would not be up to today’s standards. It was electric, used a lot of salt, used a lot of water, the unit was bulky, and customers would require services more regularly. Compare that with our current water softeners, and the difference is night and day; our most popular water softener systems are more efficient all round. They use much less water, less (and more manageable) salt, they are non-electric, and they are so compact that they can fit under your sink. If you are still using an older water softener, reach out to us here today to get your upgrade discount.


How has Perfect Water Systems changed over the past twenty-five years?

What we are most proud of is that we have employees that have worked at Perfect Water Systems since near the start of the company. Many of our customers know the people who they are speaking to when they call the office. They also know who serviced their water softener last year or can request who they would like to service their UV filter the next year. However, as a company, we have also made some positive changes to keep up with the times:

  • We have grown from a one-person show to employ over ten people.
  • We expanded locations so that we are now available to supply most of the Republic of Ireland.
  • We have updated our communication channels so that you can contact us by phone, email, social media or webchat.


We are delighted to have had such incredible employees and customers over the past 25 years, and we look forward to providing water filtration services to you for many more.

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