Five simple ways to drink more water

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Our bodies are mostly made up of water, and it is our responsibility to regain the water we lose. A general rule of thumb repetitively indicates to drink at least 2.7 litres of water every day [1]. That leads us to the question: are you drinking enough water every day? If you seem puzzled, don’t worry. In this post, we will provide some more context along with some practical tips. The first step is to understand the vital role of water in your body so that you are motivated to drink more water.


Water plays a significant role in your body, including the maintenance of electrolyte balance, body temperature, lubrication of your joints, protection of your teeth, skin, gums, better kidney function, etc. The next time you’re drinking a soft drink or coffee, try to remind yourself of water’s benefits.


Amidst everyone’s busy schedules, drinking water is not always a priority for some people. Business meetings, coupled with family commitments and social life, leave less space for you to think about how water affects your well-being. We are here to make you maintain a sufficient water level with our simple tips.


Couple your water with your favourite flavour

This step solves the problem of water being too “bland” for you. Add your favourite fruit and herbs such as strawberries or mint to level up your beverage. If you are drinking hard water, you also benefit from its high levels of calcium.


Drink water after every bathroom break and meal

Going to the bathroom and eating are two mandatory activities of your day. Make a habit of drinking water after each task. You will then have a regular cycle of staying hydrated without putting in any extra time.


Download an application to track your progress

We live in a world in which we are always on our phones. It’s interesting to keep track of the number of glasses of water you have already finished throughout the day. You can set reminders and alarms as well, making it easier for you to drink water regularly.


Invest in a water filter

This tip follows reverse psychology. Apart from the undeniable fact that a filter removes bad tastes and odours, once you invest money in a unit, you tend to use it automatically to get a return on investment. Not only is a water filter healthier for you, but you will also be more likely to use it than buying bottled water. Read more about ditching the bottle here.


Buy a reusable water bottle

One of the most important reasons why we drink less water is because we do not always have easy access to water. Carry a reusable bottle with you wherever you are, be it on a day out or in your office, and keep yourself well-stocked at all times.


Believe us when we say, drinking sufficient water has never been easier with these fantastic yet easy-to-implement tips!


[1] – Web Article – Water: How much should you drink every day?


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