EPA Report Shows Ireland Has Highest Incidence of VTEC in Europe

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In this months water quality report from the Irish EPA, the agency claims that Ireland now has the highest incidence of VTEC in Europe and that patients infected with this strain of the E coli bacteria are four times more likely to have consumed water from private household water wells. The water quality report points out that the HSE has reported that the number of cases of VTEC (a pathogenic form of E-coli), has more than doubled in Ireland since 2011. The EPA said in the report that further improvements are required to ensure people using private water supplies have access to clean and wholesome drinking water.

For householders who own their own private water well, a grant of up 75% of the costs subject to a maximum of €2,031.58 is available from the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government to assist with protecting and maintaining their household well or installing basic treatment like disinfection or filtration systems. Householders whose properties are more than seven years old are eligible for the grant and the proposed work must cost more than €635. Householders can apply for the grant through their local authority. The grant may be referred to as a private well grant or domestic well grant by different local authorities. Click here for more information on the private water well grant.

The EPA report also pointed out that over 50,000 household water wells in Ireland are contaminated with the E coli bacteria which is usually caused by animal or human waste getting into the water. Click here to read or download the full report.

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