Dublin Water Contamination Caused By Lead Pipes in Homes

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According to Irish Water, lead contamination levels up to 80 times the legal limit have been detected in drinking water in various parts of Dublin. Twenty homes in the Dublin area with the highest levels of lead contamination (ranging from five to 80 times the legal limit set by the EU) were found in Raheny, Clontarf and Ranelagh. For many years, lead was used in the pipes running from the public mains into individual houses, and lead piping was routinely used in the plumbing of homes up to the mid 1970s. Dublin drinking water supplies do not contain lead when they leave the water treatment plants and lead water mains are not used anymore. However, any home owners with properties built up to the mid 1970’s could have lead piping somewhere in the water supply system unless the plumbing had been replaced since then. The best way to guarantee lead free drinking water is to remove and replace all old lead piping or add a water filtration system…Read More (PDF)

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