Drinking Bottled Water May Not Be Good For You

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More and more people are raising concerns about drinking bottled water. Luisa Dillner at the Guardian newspaper points out why we should now stop drinking bottled water.  It’s now the world’s bestselling soft drink – more people buy bottled water than fruit juice or fizzy drinks. In 2013, the UK downed 2.4 billion litres of it, and by 2014 this had risen to 2.6 billion litres. This is a disaster in the making for the environment and happening right in front of our eyes. Now it turns out that it may be bad for you as well as for the environment. Most of the water from our taps comes from surface water (reservoirs, lakes, rivers) and the rest from underground geological formations that store rainwater. According to Professor Paul Younger, a hydro geochemist, tap water is safer than bottled water as it is subject to stringent treatment standards across the UK while water bottling plants are subject to less stringent regulations…Read More (PDF)

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