Say goodbye to limescale and hello to clean fresh water! See how you can protect your home and save money as well. For full details of Perfect Water Systems €200 FREE installation offer, send us your contact details and we will be delighted to give you details of the Kinetico Aquaguard filter and Kinetico Premier water softener Ireland offer. Then see how easy and affordable it is to enjoy the benefits of the unique non-electric Kinetico Compact Premier water softener and Aquaguard DWF in your home.

With this special offer of the Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener (non-electric limescale remover) with Kinetico Aquaguard Drinking Water Filter (most popular for our clients) you will receive:

– €150.00 OFF on Kinectico Aquaguard DWF

– FREE INSTALLATION on both systems worth over €200.00

– Constant FRESH WATER 24/7

– Constant SOFT WATER 24/7

If you care about your water quality do not hesitate and contact us on 063 89290 / 086 1408998

For Dublin area: 085 736 6006

Please contact me with details of the Kinetico Compact Premier water softener PLUS Aquaguard Drinking Water Filter €200 FREE installation offer: