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Iron & Manganese Removal Filter (Birm)

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Birm Iron and Manganese Removal Filter

  • High efficiency iron and manganese removal
  • Eliminate brown or black stains in your water
  • Wide temperature range
  • Long material life
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Birm Tank – Iron and Manganese Filter

Our Birm Tank System (with tank or without tank) uses catalytic oxidation and Birm which is a relatively inexpensive material to remove iron and manganese from your well water.

This unit requires the pH of your water to be 7 or more for iron removal and pH of 8 for manganese removal.

Government Grants

You can now save money and help pay for the new well water treatment through well water grants. If your house is 7 years old or over and you don’t have access to a group water scheme, you may qualify for this grant.

Perfect Water Systems will be happy to provide a detailed water test and assist you in the grant application process.

To learn more about well water grants in Ireland, contact PWS now.


This unit is recommended for your water at the time of testing, if the mineral content of your water changes over time it may be necessary to upgrade or invest in a new unit.

For more information, please call us in Charleville at 063-89290 or email


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Iron Removal Filters - Perfect Water Systems Charleville
Iron & Manganese Removal Filter (CR100)
CR100 Iron and Manganese Removal Filter
  • Removes iron, lime and manganese by ion exchange
  • Eliminate brown or black stains in your water
  • Increases the pH to 7 (absorption H+)
  • Efficient filtration of non-dissolved particles
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