Why Filter Your Water

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A lack of clean and safe water is a real problem in many areas of Ireland. We are perfectionists and we provide businesses and homes with pure filtered water.

Solving water problems is easy with Perfect Water Systems Ltd. When your home and family are hydrated by a filter system or water softener from PWS, water problems become a thing of the past. Everything touched by water in your home will look, smell and taste its best. Fixtures, taps and appliances stay bright, clean and stain free and last longer. Your clothes and towels will feel soft and fluffy and your water is once again clean, clear and enjoyable—be it for a nice cuppa, refreshing drink or in a sudsy luxurious bath.

We invite you to our showrooms and office in Charleville to experience perfection in filtered water for yourself. Drop in to our office in Charleville or phone us to make an appointment at 063 89290 or 087 2704172 or click here to email your request.