Kinetico 2020c Compact Water Softener

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The most popular choice for home-owners, delivering a constant supply of softened water. (10 year warranty). The Kinetico 2020C also happens to be the world’s smallest, most tried and tested, non-electric, twin cylinder water softener.


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The Kinetico 2020c compact water softener is the most popular choice for home-owners, delivering a constant supply of softened water. (10 year warranty). The 2020C also happens to be the world’s smallest, most tried and tested, non-electric, twin cylinder water softener.

  • Maximum Flow: System is engineered to exceed flow rates typically required by today’s demanding households.
  • Non-Electric: Avoids problems with electronics and microprocessor malfunction. System is not susceptible to power cuts or surges.
  • Easy System Monitoring: Top window permits easy monitoring of system status.
  • Easy Open Lid: No more fumbling with awkward covers. Easy salt loading. Convertible to “no hinge” lid in event installation prohibits hinged opening.
  • Salt Options: Accepts block or tablet salt.
  • Maximum Efficiency: High capacity resins ensure maximum salt efficiencies.
  • Twin Cylinder: Ensures softened water 24 hours a day. Permits water softening on demand. Optmises system efficiency. Allows for soft water regeneration.
  • Low Flow Metering: Accurately measures from extremely low flow to high flow to ensure softening capacity is not compromised.

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2020c System Specifications Summary

Max. Operating Temperature: 50C
Min./Max. Operating pressure: 1 bar (15psi)8.3 bar (120 psi)
Resin per Tank: 5.7 litres
Inlet/Outlet: 3/4″ bsp (male)
Salt Type: Kinetic and other Block Salt or Tablet Salt
Dimensions: 215mm x 458mm x 487mm (8.46″ x 18.0″ x 19.2″)
Regeneration time: 11 minutes
Water used per regeneration cycle (including backwash): 18.91 l
Peak Flow Rate: 51 l/min
Minimum Flow Rate: 0.18 l/m

6 reviews for Kinetico 2020c Compact Water Softener

  1. Pauline

    In April 2013 Perfect Water Systems Ltd. Installed a Kinetico Water Softener system for me. I’d had trouble with lime scale and was on my third electric kettle in less than two years and concerned with the effect it was having on other appliances, such as my washing machine. Since installing the filtration system I’ve had no problem and my kettle is as clear as the day it was bought.

    A friend recommended Perfect Water Systems to me. Within a couple of days of my initial phone call to them a representative called to the house and explained the different systems and suggested which might best suit me needs. Once I’d placed my order they came on the arranged day and installed the filtration system, which fits neatly in the press underneath the sink, and when they left the only visible sign of the work carried out was a new drinking water tap. As well as solving my lime scale problem they also saved me purchasing bottled water for drinking. Based on my own experience of Perfect Water Systems Ltd. I would have no hesitation in high recommending them to others.

  2. Aine O’Shea

    Extremely satisfied with this unit. Taste is noticeably different as is the level of lime scale we now experience with our shower heads and kettles. Extremely easy to fill the salt blocks, and the unit runs away with no maintenance from us bar filling the salt blocks. Would definitely recommend this unit. It has saved us a lot of money replacing showers, shower heads, machines and kettles.

  3. Joe Heffernan

    We are very happy with both the product and the service from Perfect Water. The new Kinetico system is working very well. Where previously we had problems with kettles and washing machines which had to be replaced due to lime buildup, that problem is solved.

  4. Syra Neilan

    The Kinetico system was more expensive than the other models I was looking at but I am very happy that I made the decision to pay the extra. It was well worth it. It is very neat, compact system compared to the other water systems that my neighbours have and it is much better for the following reasons: Block salt much easier to use that big bags of salt. A lot less water used to regenerate that the other water systems, therefore when the water meters come in to effect the cost will be less. Because it uses less water it regenerates quickly. No electricity needed. No timer and it only regenerates when it needs to, therefore when you go on holidays you do not have to worry you are wasting water needlessly. I am really happy with Kinetico and would highly recommend it also Perfect Water Systems provided an excellent service.

  5. Dan & Bridget Finnan

    Last year my wife and I had your system Kinetico installed. It works perfectly. Our water is now really soft. All our clothes are now really soft. We also opted for the drinking water unit. Great value and also gives one a huge incentive to drink more water. The quality of the water is excellent. Our experience with Perfect Water Systems, from the first day upon which we made contact with them has been excellent. Each person who visited us really knew what they were about and answered all out questions in a clear and courteous manner. The installation was carried out very efficiently, with the minimum of disruption.The office staff are extremely courteous and efficient at all times. The service arrangements are very well organised. Salt supplies are competitively priced and delivered to our door. To sum up, Perfect Water Systems are a pleasure with which to deal, and a shining example of what a service company (or any other type of firm or organisation) should be. Keep up the good work.

  6. Tadhg O Connor

    I have had a kinetico water system in now for over 2 years. I have found the product to work extremely well in a very poor water area. Also the team at Perfect Water Systems are very efficient and helpful.

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Comparison chart showing the huge savings of the Kinetico 2020C Twin Cylinder unit versus a typical Single Cylinder unit.

2020C Comparison

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