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Broxo Tablet Salt – 10 x 25kg Bags (250kgs)


Ten bags of Broxo Tablet Salt (each bag is 25 kgs). Perfect for efficient, maintenance-free operation of your water softening equipment.

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The efficiency of water softening installations very much depends on the quality of the salt used. This is why BROXO® has developed very pure regeneration salts, compacted under high pressure. Our quality products offer our customers tailor-made regeneration salts for all types of water softening installations, both industrial and domestic, as well as laboratories, hospitals and clinics.

Broxetten is the popular choice for tablet salt and is conveniently delivered in 25 kg bags. (Minimum order quantity 10 bags)

Broxo Tablet Salt Features:

Very high quality tablets (15 x 25 mm)
For use in domestic and industrial installations.
Broxetten is free of residual substances
Dissolves evenly and gradually
Never disintegrates
Avoids need for expensive maintenance
High-pressure compacted
Available in 25 kg bags


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