Kinetico Aquataste System
Kinetico Aquataste Drinking Water Filter (K7000)
This Kinetico Aquataste Drinking Water Filter delivers high quality drinking water, which is free of chlorine, & other common contaminants.
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Kinetico 2050c
Kinetico 2050c Water Softener
The kinetico 2050c MACH Series Non-electric, high performance water softener, for the above average household (10 year warranty)
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Kinetico Aquablu Water Softener
Kinetico Aquablu Water Softener
The Kinetico AquaBlu Water Softener unit is a mid-range water softener, built using tried and tested Kinetico Water Softener technology in a value-driven package for the smaller household.
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Kinetico AquaGuard Drinking Water Filter System
Kinetico 7500 Aquaguard Drinking Water Filter
Kinetico 7500 Aquaguard drinking water filter system utilizes a one micron carbon block water filter designed to improve the taste, odour and colour or your drinking water.
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Kinetico Aquascale System
Kinetico 11611 Aquascale Drinking Water Filter
The Kinetico Aquascale drinking water filter keeps your kettle in pristine condition, with it's limescale reducing filter.
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Kinetico-K2 Reverse Osmosis System
Kinetico K2 Reverse Osmosis System
The Kinetico K2 Reverse Osmosis System is a popular DIY Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter system which is relatively easy to install. It also uses easy to change replacement cartridges.
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